Fiber Laser Etching, Cutting & Annealing

Experience the precision of our cutting-edge 50 Watt Fiber Laser. With its advanced capabilities, we can achieve a wide range of laser engraving effects, from subtle to bold, shallow to deep, and even offer annealing options. We can work with polymers, acrylic, brass, steel, coated metals, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and more! The list goes on and on. Let us elevate your designs to new heights, ensuring they truly stand out.

CO2 Laser Etching & Cutting

Discover the precision of our state-of-the-art CO2 Laser Engraver. With its cutting-edge technology, we can achieve a diverse array of engraving effects, ranging from delicate to striking and shallow to deep. Our CO2 laser is versatile, capable of working with materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, leather, rubber, and more! From classic to unconventional materials, our laser engraving services will elevate your designs to new heights, ensuring they capture attention.

What's The Maximum Engraving Size You Can Handle?

We can engrave just about any size of material! With several of our lasers, we have the ability to remove the floor of the engraving base to allow the laser to be placed on just about any sized object!

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

We certainly do! Quantity discounts are based on material sizing and the capability for how many units we are able to fit into one batch. We typically create a custom jig for large orders and base the discount on the total quantity and number of batches and run time required to complete the job.

How Much Are Your Services?

Our services vary from job to job as each project is unique. The factors that impact pricing are: Material, Design Size, If Graphic Design Assistance Is Required, Templating, Potential Product Testing, Engraving Style (Cut, Etch, Anneal), Rush Orders (Subject to Availability), Size and Weight of Material, If Multiple Alignment Passes Are Required (Larger Sized Projects), Flat or Rounded Items, Material Prep or Finish Required, and more. Generally, custom orders start off at a $125 minimum order total. For example, if we charge $50 per engraving for two knives that you bring in, the engraving total is $100, but our minimum is $125. So in this case, it would be best to bring in 3 knives :) Make Sense?

What Is Your Lead Time?

Generally 3-5 business days from template approval. We can often offer on the spot engraving or 24-48 lead times subject to availability and at an additional cost. **Please note - as of July 15th, 2024 - with our current order volume, we are expecting a 2-3 week lead time up until December 31st, 2024.

Can I Bring My Own Material?

Most Certainly! We do recommend bringing in a sample for us to test on to dial in our settings for the best engraving result. Have a one off? No worries, we can often create a small shape in a hidden space on the material. It is ideal to have extra material though if possible.

Can I Purchase A Product From You To Customize With My Own Design?

Yes! We have access to over 600 different products. Please, take a look at our Made-To-Order Section and let us know if you find something you like and let us know what type of design you'd like to have engraved!